The FASTEST way to grow your online
business is with webinars.

Your Webinar Solution Service By JVZoo … Free To Use & It Always Will Be

On average, digital marketers using webinars convert visitors into buyers or leads at a 20-40% ratefar beyond the resultsof a typical sales or lead page.

BUT … while there are some great webinar softwares out there, they’re not for everyone:

Typically high upfront AND ongoing costs

Integration nightmares are common - without a developer or high level of technical skill, “syncing” these softwares to your offers can be frustrating and time consuming

Often limitations in terms of how many attendees you can host

At JVZoo, we’ve seen first-hand the difference in sales a webinar can make.

It’s no coincidence that the majority of top-selling products and top-earning vendors ALL use webinarsin the sales process …

So we wanted to unlock this potential for ALL users of the JVZoo platform!

Without any of the technical or cost barriers normally associated with this incredibly powerful sales tool.

Your Secret Weapon For Maximum Conversions

What It Is & Why You’ll Love It

WebiMate is a TRUE automated webinar platform built specifically for JVZoo marketers.

It lets you attach a pre-recorded video to ANY product - even MULTIPLE products - and turn that video into an automated webinar that sells for you 24/7.

This ZERO-COST platform is a combination of both power & simplicity. Top-level webinar conversions, with none of the hassles:

Use ANY YouTube or Vimeo URL as the
“base” of your webinar

Even setup your event’s emails INSIDE the platform … and we’ll make sure they’re sent via your preferred autoresponder

We build your webinar registration page FOR YOU (100% customizable)

Who WebiMate Is For: Product Vendors

Time to make the impact YOUR products deserve in the market.

Connect ANY product in your seller’s account to WebiMate, and you’ve got a webinar driving you automated sales 24/7.

You’ll attract MORE high-powered traffic, because now affiliates can search inside of JVZoo for WebiMate products to promote.

We ALL know some affiliates like pushing big ticket offers or those with built-in webinars … because the conversions are off the charts.

Effortlessly find the best of the best promoters to send traffic to YOUR offers - just by using WebiMate.

Who WebiMate Is For: Affiliates

Whether you’re promoting a new launch or evergreen product, conversions count.

Now you can search for quality vendors who’ve taken the NEXT step by including WebiMate webinars as a sales tool.

You’ll enjoy higher conversions

Often for higher-ticket offers. …

And it’s all just as simple as requesting your affiliate link for the product of your choice.

Can You Say Done-For-You Content?

Adding value is a huge part of affiliate marketing. But no one says you have to create the content yourself.

Webinars are the ultimate win-win for you AND your subscribers … because they’re
jam-packed with actionable tips people can actually use.

Some of your subscribers will buy the offer - meaning you get paid.

Others will thank you for the great content you shared - and all you did was send them to content someone ELSE created.

Just How Easy Is It To Use WebiMate?

For Product Sellers

Get Set

From your JVZoo dashboard, select the sellers tab.

Then choose “Manage WebiMates” from the drop-down menu.

Click the button “create a webinar” to get started.

Get Started

Choose & enter your video URL, webinar title & registration page headline.

Configure your product(s) you wish to sell with WebiMate.

Add your buy buttons and define WHEN in the presentation you want them to appear …

Get Traffic

At this point, WebiMate has automatically crafted a top-converting webinar registration page for you.

Just send that link to your audience, then the automated email sequence kicks in.

Customize your follow-up emails that will be automatically sent to all registrants, including:

  • Registration confirmation
  • 2 Days til webinar
  • 1 Day til webinar
  • Day of webinar
  • 1 hour til webinar

This is a proven & tested sequence to MAXIMIZE attendance, and all you do is literally fill in the blanks to make it happen!

Get Paid

WebiMate lets YOU decide when to reveal your buy buttons … and multiple buy buttons for multiple products are supported.

Optimize calls to action and buy buttons to maximize profits with every webinar.

Unlimited Integrations

Doesn’t matter if you’re using AWeber, GetResponse, MarketHero or literally ANY autoresponder
… because WebiMate integrates with Zapier so your emails get sent to your lists on ANY platform.

No hassles, no plugins, no developers and no worries - WebiMate
works right out of the box with your service provider.

For Affiliates

Increasing conversions has never been easier, now that you have a full library of products to
promote that use automated webinars to boost sales.

From right inside your affiliate dashboard, you can find & select products in YOUR niche that have webinars in place.

As mentioned above, you can use these webinars to BOTH share free content AND drive commissions.

Getting your link to promote is as simple as requesting permission to promote any product in the JVZoo marketplace.

The Bottom Line

There’s ZERO listing cost for product vendors using WebiMate webinars to promote products.

ZERO extra fees for affiliates promoting these products.

WebiMate is here to help both vendors AND affiliates increase profits and conversions.

Simple. Powerful. Effective.

All the profitable results of webinars, with none of the hassles. And of course,
step-by-step training to maximize your results, right inside the platform.

Webinars sell. You know it. We know it. It’s just become WAY easier with seamless integration with your JVZoo account.